Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Convenience

As technology continues to increase and new equipment is developed, those who mow their lawns can be thankful for zero turn lawn mowers. These riding lawn mowers can make a 180 degree turn the length and width of the mower's own body.

This great feature allows commercial and residential customers to trim around their landscape and various yard obstacles without having to stop the mower, trim and so forth. Zero turn lawn mowers can go in complete 360-degree circles. The driver of the mower can easily steer and control the mower by varying the amount of power applied to each wheel.

Zero turn mowers have an amazing steering function through the movement of their wheels. To move the mower in a straight row, all you need to do is make sure the rear wheels point forward. If one wheel goes slower than the other, the mower will turn for you. If one wheel is turned backwards, and the other wheel is turned forward, you can then make a 180 degree turn with no problem.

Zero turn mowers have a hydrostatic transmission allowing the engine's power to be transformed into hydraulic pressure. This helps the mower to move and turn as it does. The news zero turn mowers have an easy to use joystick, handlebars and/or steering wheeling for easy control of the mower.

Though the zero turn mowers were first made for commercial use and convenience, many are now using them for residential use. The costs may be prohibitive for most people as they range anywhere from $3500 to $7500. With accessories, the price increases as well.