Why Choose a Self-Propelled Mower?


It's Memorial Day weekend and you just can't put it off any longer. It is time to drag out the lawn mower and cut your grass. If it is a chore that you actually dread perhaps you need a different mower. Having the right mower does seem to make the job much easier.

The traditional lawn mower is a push mower, but they can require quite a bit of physical exertion. They are not too complex; they are less expensive and tend to break down less often than most. However, if your yard is hilly or large you may want to consider getting a self-propelled lawn mower.

Self-propelled lawn mowers normally have a bar or lever that you squeeze in order to start the mower. This allows the mower to start moving and you control the direction that it goes. On some of these mowers the blade quits moving or turning when you let go of the lever or bar. In the newer models it does not shut off when you let go, which can be a very convenient feature. Meaning you can take the mower to perhaps the other side of your yard but the blade will not cut the grass until you again squeeze the lever or bar.

Most people agree that if you do get a self-propelled lawn mower you should make sure it has the option of running at different speeds. If it only has a single speed there is a chance that it will go either uncomfortably slow or even uncomfortably fast, the point being neither gives you an option.

And, no, that does not mean that the lawn mower will cut your grass all by itself. It will still need a little guidance from you, but it absolutely makes your job easier.