Maintaining Your Lawn Mower Blade

You love having a beautiful yard; it is the envy of the neighborhood and well it should be with all of the effort you exert to keep it looking that way. Sometimes you get so caught up in all of the mowing, trimming and raking, that a few basics may get overlooked.

The hardest working component of yard work, other than you of course, is the lawn mower. As the hardest worker it requires attention and maintenance or it will not be up to an optimal performance. You want to be sure when you put the lawn mower away for winter that you have drained all gas and oil out of it and is stored in a place that is as sheltered as possible from the weather.

Remember when you first used that lawn mower? The grass cuts were so even and crisp looking it was like you had a whole new yard. That is one reason that maintaining the lawn mower blade is so important if you want great results. The blade needs to be sharpened at least every one to two months in order to give your grass that look you love. If you use a dull blade it actually tears the grass rather than cutting it cleanly which results in a poor, uneven cut. If you are unsure how to sharpen your lawn mower blade it is a good idea to take it to a professional to get the desired results.

Maintaining your lawn mower will help you continue to get those desired results as well as extending the life and performance of the mower.