Is Your Lawn Mower "Green?"

Environmental issues are a growing concern in today's "green conscious" society. As a result, people are taking careful inventory of their daily habits to see how environmentally sound they are. This means considering one's outdoor equipment, including the good ole lawn mower. Is your lawn mower "green?" Does it help the environment or help pollute it?

With higher gas prices, electric lawn mowers are rising in popularity. Not only do gas-guzzling lawn mowers waste a precious resource, they also contribute to the greenhouse gases, and to pollution in general. Some states are getting tougher on new emissions standards for small engines. This includes lawn mowers, as they can contribute to smog.

The great thing about electric lawn mowers is that they produce less than one percent of carbon monoxide. As a result, they help decrease the smog problem. Electric mowers are quiet and can decrease the costs associated with gas mowers by half.

If you really want to stay in shape this summer, and don't want to spend much money on a lawn mower, why not consider the push style blade lawn mowers that are neither electric or gas? These are perfect for small yards. They are the most environmentally friendly mowers on the market. Another great thing about the push mowers is that they help your yard develop a low-water lawn because they do not cut as low as other mowers; so, not only are you saving on gas and electricity, but on water bills, too. Going green soon becomes a habit you don't want to break.