Helping your Child Start a Lawn Mowing Service

When kids get out of school for the summer, there's no better job for a young boy (and some girls) to start their own lawn mowing service. It's an easy way to earn good money during the summer months and stay in shape.

Creating a Dynamic Flyer

To help your child start a lawn mowing service, the first thing you need to do is create a flyer. The flyer should be simple, but attractive. The main contact information should be on there: name and phone number, but it should also stand out from all the rest. You also want those receiving the flyer to know your child is a child and not a large lawn service company. Have your child come up with a catchy "slogan" and make your flyer "friendly." Let the potential clients know your child is a neighbor.

Ad in the neighborhood newsletter

Subdivisions and neighborhood associations usually have a newsletter. Contact the person in charge of that newsletter and list your child's lawn mowing service in the ad section.

Offer a discount for referrals

Word of mouth is a great way to get extra business. Tell your child to mention that if your neighbor gives him (or her) a referral, they'll get a discount next time on their mowing service.

Make a professional sign

When your child is out mowing lawns, a nice sign in the yard letting other neighbors know who to contact for the same service is a great idea.

Unless you plan to drive your child around, you want to be sure all his or her lawn business is in walking distance.