Choosing the Best Residential Lawn Mower

As summer approaches, homeowners are taking inventory of their outdoor equipment, including their lawn mowers to see what shape they might be in. If your's isn't in the best state, and it's time to buy a new lawn mower, here are some quick tips to consider when purchasing a residential lawn mower.


There's a reason name-brand lawn mowers are so popular. They lend credibility to the product. Those purchasing a name-brand lawn mower can count on a durable product, as well as one with a good warranty. Most homeowners purchasing a residential lawn mower are looking for a product that will work from an organization they can trust. They look for a company that has been around for years, which establishes credibility.


In the old days, lawn mowers were very hard to start. Today, they are so flexible and just about anyone can start them. They move and turn easier and aren't as heavy, either. A good lawn mower can come cordless or with cord, if you're choosing an electric lawn mower.

To mulch or not to mulch

When choosing a lawn mower, you can choose from a variety and some offer mulching capabilities which cut the grass into tiny pieces and return it into the lawn, rather than a mower with a bag.

Size of lawn

This really determines the type of mower you need. If you have a really large lawn, a riding mower is for you. Also, the terrain makes a difference. You may need a more powerful mower to handle a rough, hilly yard as opposed to a straight, easy lawn.